Gilmore to move writ on By-Election next week

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Statement by Eamon Gilmore TD:

The Labour Party has tabled a motion moving the writ for the Dublin South By-election. It is expected that the motion will be taken in the Dail early next week.

The Party Leader, Eamon Gilmore TD, said that Labour had made the decision to move the writ because of the failure of the government to take any decision as to when the by-election would be held.

“It is now almost seven months since the death of the much-respected Seamus Brennan. I have, on several occasions, raised the matter of the by-election with the Taoiseach, but the standard response I have received on each occasion has been that the matter had not yet been considered by the government.

“On the last occasions when vacancies occurred in the Dail, the by-elections were held within a matter of months. John Bruton and Charlie McCreevy both resigned as Deputies in November 2005, and the writs for the by-elections in Meath and Kildare North were moved in the Dail by the Government Chief Whip on February 15th.

“The people of Dublin South are entitled to the full level of representation in the Dail provided for under the constitution. It is simply not acceptable that the government should deny them that level of representation by refusing to hold the by-election.

“Furthermore if the government believes that it has the confidence of the people in terms of its performance in office so far and particularly in regard to its handling of the economy, then surely it should put this to the test by having the Dublin South by election as early as possible.

“The fact that the country is experiencing serious economic difficulties is no reason to suspend normal democratic procedures. Nor is the possibility of an embarrassing result for Fianna Fail and the Greens sufficient justification for the continued refusal to hold a by election.

“I hope that there will be support from all parties for the moving of the writ and the setting of an early date for the by-election.”

The campaign begins…

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Alex's ad in Dublin South

This week sees the beginning of my campaign to secure the support of the people of Dublin South in the forthcoming by-election.

Over the coming weeks, I will be out and about meeting the people of Dublin south, listening to their views on the challenges we face together, and sharing with them my perspective on the need now for a fresh approach to politics.

To mark the beginning to this intensive period of campaigning, we have mounted a short outdoor advertising campaign which will run on bus shelters and Luas across the constituency.

Remember to keep an eye on the website and blog and I have just launched my new Facebook page. You can become a supporter of mine on Facebook and receive regular updates from the campaign trail, along with receiving notification on the where we’ll be canvassing.

I hope to meet and exchange views with as many constituents as I can. In the meantime, you can contact me by using the ‘Contact Alex’ section of the site.

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We cannot be persuaded that what has happened is a ‘natural disaster’

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Last night, the Seanad had an opportunity to debate the current economic situation, albeit without any type of framework from the Government. Nevertheless, I spoke on the issues as I see them. Above you will find a video of my contribution.

More :: Read the full debate by clicking here.

Should we expect the Govt’s ‘single transferable speech’?

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We face a spectacle later when there will be a debate in both Houses on the economy and I suspect we will be treated to a contribution from the Government along the lines of the single transferable speech on the economy to which we have been listening in the House for three or four months. I hope I am wrong and if I am, I will accept it. However, I do not expect the Minister to come to the House later to outline what the Government intends to do regarding the economy. However, at the same time, the Government is circulating a document to the social partners which will not be laid before the Oireachtas. Such proposals should be circulated by way of a completed document to the social partners that is published and laid before both Houses in order that we can have a meaningful and realistic debate.

I understand the process of negotiation as well as the next person and the necessity for people to be careful during negotiations. However, this relates to the future of the economy, the single most important issue facing any politician or government. We are not clear on whether any proposals have been made. However, we read newspaper reports about various decisions that will be made.

They were then denied by Ministers as late as this morning saying it was just newspaper speculation. Apparently there was a meeting of the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party last night at which the members of that party indicated to the Taoiseach that they supported his ‘approach’ to dealing with the economy. What is that approach? Perhaps some of the Members on the Government side will share some of the information as to what the approach is to dealing with the economy because it has not been published to the people. It has been described by people who have caught glimpses of it in the social partnership talks as a blancmange. What exactly is it and where are the proposals?

It ill behoves the Government, whether Fianna Fáil, the Green Party or any other member, to demand the answers from the Opposition in circumstances where it has tabled no proposals whatever to address, for example, the crisis in the public finances. For the Government to come in this afternoon with a platitudinous and single transferable speech containing no specifics or clarity is not acceptable in any democracy.

More :: There will be a debate in the Seanad on the current economic situation this evening from approx. 4.45 p.m. To view the proceedings, click here.

Alex receives a lesson in Science!

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Yesterday, I was pleased to attend the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in the RDS and meet with pupils from some local schools. I was thoroughly impressed by the high standards the students have set themselves this year, and local students were particularly inspiring!

I managed to catch up with students from Wesley; Our Lady’s Grove Secondary School; St. Columba’s and Pobail Scoil Naomh Choilm Cille.

Above is a photo of myself with Danielle Ronan from Mount Anville Secondary School. She explained to me her project on producing Siamese Fighter Fish!

More :: View more photos of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition at the Labour Flickr Site

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