Dublin Bus announce proposals for Rathfarnham area services

June 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

As you may know, Dublin Bus is currently undertaking a review of their services across the city under the banner of ‘Network Direct’.

This week, Dublin Bus announced proposals that will affect services in the local area, including changes to the 15, 15a, 15b, 15e, 15f, 16, 16a, 74, 74a, 161.

The aim, management say, is to have quicker, more punctual services. Locals will have an opportunity to have their say at a drop-in briefing session at St Joseph’s Parish Hall, Terenure on Wednesday 22 June between 3pm and 8pm.

Amongst the proposals:
• Route 16 will be a high frequency service operating at least every 10 minutes during peak times from Ballinteer (Kingston) to Dublin Airport.
• Route 16a will be replaced on the Southside by route 61 and on the Northside by Route 3 and Route 16. Route 16 will now serve Dublin Airport.
• Route 3a will now provide a service from Shanard Road to the City Centre via Dorset Street, terminating on Parnell Square. This will replace route 16 on the Northside.
• Route 15, 74 and 128 will be amalgamated and renamed route 15. This high frequency service, operating every 10 minutes at peak times, will provide increased cross city penetration providing direct connections to Connolly Rail Station, Fairview and the Malahide Road. Route 15 will be extended to Stocking Avenue via St. Colmcille’s Way and Ballycullen Road.
• Route 15a will operate its current alignment to the city centre. Timetables will be adjusted to meet customer demand and provide improved integration on the common alignment between current services 15, 15a and 15b.
• Route 15b and 74a will be amalgamated and called route 15b. This service will operate from Stocking Avenue to the city centre via Stocking Lane, Scholarstown Road, Ballyboden Way, Ballyroan Road, Marian Road and Templeogue Road.
• Route 15e and 15f will no longer operate.
• Route 61 will operate from Whitechurch to the city centre via Grange Road, Nutgrove Avenue, Churchtown Road Lower, Rathmines and St. Stephen’s Green.
• Route 140, operating a high frequency service with a departure every 10 minutes at peak times, will be extended from its current terminus Leeson Street (Wilton Terrace) to Rathmines (Palmerston Park). This will replace route 128 in this area and on Rathmines Road Upper.
• Route 161 will continue to provide a connection from Rockbrook now serving Ballyboden Road, Grange Road, Nutgrove Avenue, Churctown Road Lower and Dundrum (Luas).
• Route 3 will continue to provide a direct connection from Larkhill to the City Centre (Parnell Square) operating via Dorset Street.
• Route 3a will continue to provide a service from Shanard Road to the City Centre via Dorset Street, terminating on Parnell Square. This will replace route 16a on the Northside.

For more information on the changes, click here.

Future of Dublin Bus Services

April 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

One of the many things raised by constituents during the recent election was the future of bus services in the area. As you may be aware, Dublin Bus is currently in the middle of redesigning the city’s bus network under the banner of ‘Network Direct’.

On Wednesday next, May 4th, Dublin Bus will bring their ‘Network Direct Roadshow’ to St John’s GAA Club, Ballinteer to hear from locals concerning changes for the Kilmacud, Goatstown, Ballinteer and Dundrum areas. The doors are open between 2pm and 8pm and I would encourage anyone wishing to have their voice heard to drop in and meet the members of Dublin Bus management. Commuters using routes 11, 11a, 11b, 14, 14a, 44, 44b and 48a will be particularly interested in the changes.

Among the proposed changes are:
• Route 14 and 14a will be amalgamated and will offer cross city options with direct connections to Connolly Rail Station, Fairview, Donnycarney and Beaumont Hospital
• Route 11 will operate as one service with all trips starting in Sandyford Industrial Estate (Beacon area) and serving Dublin City University (DCU) via Ranelagh and St Stephen’s Green
• Route 44 will continue to provide a direct connection from Enniskerry and Stepaside to the City Centre

Route Changes
Route 14 and 14a will be amalgamated and operate as route 14. The service will operate to Beaumont offering improved travel options for our customers. The route will operate from Dundrum Luas Station via Ballinteer Road, Ballinteer Avenue, Broadford Road, Barton Road East, Beaumont Avenue, Breamor Road, Braemor Park, Orwell Road, Highfield Road, Rathmines Road Upper, Rathmines Road Lower, Richmond Street South, Earlsfort Terrace, St. Stephen’s Green, O’Connell Bridge, Eden Quay, Connolly Rail Station, Fairview, Malahide Road, Collins Avenue, Beaumont Avenue, Beaumont Hospital and terminate opposite Artane Castle Shopping Centre (Ardlea Road/Maryfield Road).
Route 11/a/b will be amalgamated and operate as route 11. It will enhance the connections to Sandyford Industrial Estate from Ballymun, Finglas, Drumcondra, City Centre, Leeson Street, Ranelagh, Clonskeagh and Goatstown with all journeys terminating in Sandyford Industrial Estate (Beacon area). The revised services will be simplified with one route number operating the same alignment at all times.
Route 11a to Mather Road North and Route 11B to Wynnsward Drive (Belfield) will no longer operate.
Route 44 will continue to operate from Enniskerry to City Centre via Dundrum. The timetables will be simplified reflecting the customer demands on the route. Departures will be redesigned so they will operate at consistent intervals at all times.
Route 44b – no changes to route 44b are proposed.
Route 48a will no longer operate.

If you can’t make it and you still wish to comment on any proposed changes, you can email networkdirect@dublinbus.ie or feel free to contact my own office. Consultation closes on Saturday 14 May.

Labour Party endorses Coalition

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Eamon Gilmore TD after the Conference endorsed the Programme for Government

More than 1,000 members of the Labour Party gathered at the O’Reilly Hall at UCD in the heart of Dublin South to decide whether or not the party should go into government with Fine Gael. There was no sense of triumphalism or euphoria in the packed auditorium. Rather, there was a sense of trepidation amongst those present about what the future might hold not just for the Labour Party, but for the country as a whole. The draft programme for government presented is not the Labour Party manifesto, but according to Eamon Gilmore, it is driven by the values of the Labour Party. On the economic front, it contains a commitment to introducing a jobs plan as well as labour market activation strategies, establishing a strategic investment bank and renegotiating the EU/IMF framework. On the issue of reform, it contains a blueprint for a new way in which to conduct government business. Eamon Gilmore argued that the new government would not be a coalition in the old sense but rather a national government formed between the largest and second largest party in the state to deal with the challenges faced by the country. Thus, he said, the business of governing would be done on the basis of co-decision making and parity of esteem. At the core of the new governance system would be an economic management council or ‘war cabinet’ which will be the body that will decide all major economic issues. The council would be chaired by the Taoiseach, managed by the Tanaiste and made up of equal numbers drawn from both coalition parties. All relevant departments and agencies such as NAMA and the Regulator offices will be drawn into the council, which is intended to achieve the elusive ‘joined-up’ thinking on matters pertaining to the economy.

The programme for government contains the most radical platform of reform of the Dail and of the Civil Service that has ever been put before the people. Some of these proposed reforms will require constitutional changes, in particular, changes that will empower parliament to hold the government and the civil service to account. Fundamentally, there will be an attempt to rebalance the relationship between the oireachtas and the executive. Under recent administrations, the Oireachtas was effectively circumvented by a highly centralized and sometime ‘out of control’ executive.

In the debate that followed many delegates warned that the Labour Party in government with Fine Gael would face the same fate as the Liberal Democrats in in government with the Tories in Britain. In the recent Barnsley byelection, for instance, the Lib Dems came in 6th behind a pot pourri of other candidates. Others argued that the time for Labour was not now, but in five years time when Labour might be strong enough to lead a left government. Ruairi Quinn countered that the epithet “Labour must wait” had confined the party to opposition for generations. Joan Burton argued that economic renewal and recovery are conditional on high standards of probity in every aspect of Irish life, and that the Labour Party entering government could play a key role in ending cronyism and corruption in Irish politics. But perhaps the most compelling argument was made by Susan O’Keeffe who argued that Fianna Fail had always put party first, and country, second. The Labour Party must put the people first ahead of party considerations. The party must work as hard as it can and as long as it can to change the country for the better.

The motion to enter government was passed overwhelmingly. It is a very high risk strategy for the Labour Party. But politics is ultimately about the exercise of power, and if the Labour Party can exercise power in the public interest in the coming years the country as a whole can only benefit. Its time now to get to work.

More :: Click here to read the Programme for Government
More :: Click here to watch the proceedings again. I make a speech at 1hr 9mins.

Time to check the register!

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With the General Election now imminent, it is time to make sure you are registered to vote.  Checking couldn’t be easier.  Simply visit www.checktheregister.ie and click on your local county council.

From there, fill in the relevant details and it will tell you if you are on the register to vote.

If you find you are not on the register, you will be able to apply for the supplementary register. Fill out the RFA2 form and send it to your council – the form is available by clicking here.

If you have moved and find you are registered under your old address, you can fill out the RFA3 form, available here.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Alex White selected as Labour general election candidate in Dublin South

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Senator Alex White will run for the Labour Party in Dublin South in the forthcoming General Election.

He was selected at a convention last Saturday in Ballyroan Community Centre, Rathfarnham.

Speaking afterwards, White said he was “pleased and deeply honoured” to have been selected.

“This is the most vital General Election in our lifetime. The recent budget, the four-year plan and the EU-IMF deal have been the bills for economic failure – bills that the public will have to pay off well into the future.

“In Labour we have a profound sense of fairness and social justice. We now need to marry those politics to a message of hope. Hope that we can begin a process of renewal that will transform our politics and economy for the collective good. Huge challenges face our country. But they are challenges that together we can overcome. Labour’s vision and politics must be at the heart of our recovery.

“In the coming months, I hope to bring that message to the doorsteps of Dublin South. I very much look forward to it.”

Civil Partnership Bill is major step forward in a relatively dark period for the country

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I am grateful for the opportunity to speak on Second Stage of this hugely important and momentous legislation.  The Labour Party enthusiastically supports the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations for Cohabitants Bill 2009.  We will try to amend it in some areas and, while we can to some extent predict the Minister’s response to our proposals, we will push them as strongly as we can.  We hope to expand on the vital work done on this Bill with further legislation when the Labour Party is in Government.

I think this is the first time since I entered the Oireachtas three years ago that I have commended the Government on any issue but I am happy to congratulate it on bringing this legislation before the Houses.  I also acknowledge the heavy lifting that was required from the Green Party in order to bring the matter to its present status.

When we discuss this Bill in more detail on Committee Stage, we should not forget that we are trying to improve the lives of individual citizens.  We should, therefore, also congratulate the thousands of campaigners who have fought for this legislation.  None of this would happened without people who were prepared to go to meetings, spend time on campaigns and work out how incremental change could be achieved.  Perhaps some felt they were compromising themselves while others wanted to progress their goals without being seen as incrementalists but they made the same intelligent political decision as so many other figures in history by accepting this Bill as legislation that could be achieved and leaving for another day the fight to build something better.  For that reason, I am delighted to be a Member of this House as this Bill comes before us. « Read the rest of this entry »

Update on Whitechurch Road

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I received notice from Dublin Bus yesterday evening that they have decided to amend their contingency plan for the closure of Whitechurch Road.

After consultation with the council, a temporary bus terminus has been set up at the entrance to Pearse Brothers Park on Taylor’s Lane – between the petrol station and the junction with Whitechurch Road.

The 15B will now terminate at this new bus stop.

I understand that this has begun this morning.  I will continue to keep an eye on the situation.

More :: See where the new terminus is on Google Maps

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